Do you want to market your merchandise effectively online? Making your music merch known is a critical factor if you’re going to generate high revenues from your career. There are various means like custom t shirts in which you can trade your merchandise. However, to avoid getting overwhelmed for the first time, you need to keep the following tips in mind:

Know Your Audience

Before you begin, you should first know your fans. What demographic do they belong to? If they are youngsters, small glasses will not be a suitable preference. Extra-large custom T-shirts can’t go well if your fan base is mostly female.

Instead, you can do a short survey by asking your fans in social media to help you select the best design from a variety of merchandises such as shirts. Once you get to know what your audience likes, you can then set the price. Remember that the value will merely depend on the cost used in making the merchandise and how much sales you want to generate.

Don’t Neglect the Small Commodities

Amongst your fan base, you will discover there are those who are not in a position to purchase high-priced items. You can reach them by coming up with little products that sell at a lower price. Some of the small merchs may include buttons, stickers, posters, and many more. You can also spread awareness of your music online by giving these items for free or in a contest for winners.

Sell Clothing

If there is something that fans expect to see during or after a music event, that would be clothing. These may include custom T-shirts, hats, and even hoodies. Not only will you earn income from them, but they can also act as a form of awareness when your fans wear them.

To get the most out of your clothing, make sure the art design displays your music label; for example, your latest album. Don’t go posting too many models on your social media platforms. Your fans might get overwhelmed when selecting among many of your designs.

For shirts, you can sell them at a price tag of $20. Hoodies tend to value at $30. You can also have a discount offer if a fan buys more than one garment.

Sell Your Music Too

Bear in mind that music and merch go hand in hand. As you sell items online, don’t forget to include your music as one of your products for sale. When you present your songs, some people may have just discovered them for the first time.

It is essential to post your latest albums online for sale. After you perform, always inform your audience that the music is available online and provide them tips on how to purchase it.

Try incorporating different types of media variations to create a wide range of selection for your followers. Some people can prefer photos, behind-the-scenes videos, any many more. Fans can be willing to purchase them at a reasonable price. Don’t forget to include bundle discounts as well.


Selling your merch online can give you a reasonable income as long as you properly plan a strategy. With the right strategy, you’ll be able to earn a reasonable income while amassing new followers.

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