Event Production

CD Burner – Canada Music Organisation supports event productions for live music performances. We can provide the “Licensed to Play” paperwork and other relevant requirements to give fair compensation to the owners of the music played live as well as smooth production of live music events.

Broadcasting and Streaming Services

CD Burner also supports those who host music broadcasting and streaming services by helping these media providers support music owners and publishers and compensate their music pieces played on these media channels in fair and ethical terms.

We all wanted our music industry to progress across time as it is our vision to continually support media broadcasters and streaming services bring music to everyone in the country and to the world.


Studies have shown that more people come to business establishments due to good music played in their stores. CD Burner supports business owners through providing music use license so that they can continually play music to their patrons without encountering any licensing or music use permission issues.

Live Music Venues

CD Burner – Canada Music Organisation is a community of music and art patrons and enthusiasts that wants more of these to happen across the region. By providing licenses for music used in live music venues, we can give equity to all musicians while ensuring more music to be played and enjoyed by the audience.

Fans and Supporters

Through the fair and ethical distribution of royalties, identifying licenses for music, and collecting fees for music royalties, our organisation can support each other in music and arts. This way, we can see more musicians, songwriters, song publishers, and budding artists in the music and arts industry to blossom.

The protection of everyone’s rights to produce and own music and getting their music license respected by event producers and broadcasting and streaming services is of utmost importance to us. However, we also want our music end-users to fully enjoy the music of our dedicated musicians and artists. Our organisation is all about having both sides enjoy their fair share of the power of music to the community we all belong.