We believe that Canada’s culture and national pride includes our distinctive music creators and visual artists who tirelessly contributed to the treasures any Canadian is proud to show off to the rest of the world. The founders of this website are also avid fishermen. They enjoy sitting by the lake fishing. Or jumping in the boat for a trolling around the riverbanks. All those who have contributed to music and arts including songwriters, singers, painters, theatrical and acrobatic dancers, and literary writers have contributed not just to the preservation and emulation of Canadian culture and arts but also to the economy of the nation.

An estimate of one billion dollars was contributed by the music and arts industry in the past few years to the Canadian economy.

CD Burner – Canada Music Organisation is a dedicated group of individuals who strive hard to promote and preserve music and arts in the country. We endeavor to connect to approximately four million music creators and artists worldwide, including the thousands of businesses across Canada in order to garner support for the music and arts industry.

We have over 20,000 artists who are direct members of our organisation. We help most individuals, groups, and organisations in the country to produce and license music for them alongside our support for visual and creative arts. It is our passion to bring forth music and art success to our members and everyone who inclines to the vision of our organisation.

We have over a hundred staff that are always on the go to bring individuals who strive to bring their music and arts to the community. Each of them is trained to know and understand every musician and artists’ licensing and production needs alongside the reproduction of their original music and composition, promotion of the artist’s works, and bringing out the best in every musician, whether amateur or professional.

CD Burner is dedicated to the success of every member of our music organisation. It is our vision and mission to promote music and arts in Canada through supporting artists, especially our members in the organisation.