All licenses honored by our organisation to every entity who applies to it are all agreed upon by both parties, including the owner of the music and CD Burner who delegates these licensing terms. Through these licenses, any entity can virtually and physically use the music as long as it is aligned with the terms presented on the license agreements.

For those granted the “License to Play” agreement, you are entitled to comply with all terms that are in lieu of the legal use of properties by another individual as dictated by the laws of the government. This is to ensure that all member artists who have originally produced the music will be compensated properly, fairly, and ethically.

To understand licensing, certain government laws require you to undergo licensing terms for use of copyrighted properties, no matter how you acquired the music piece, whether on physical storage (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) or online. This way, there is a proper acknowledgment of the artist of any music played publicly and compensation of the music piece as his or her royalties.