Licensing and Rights Management

CD Burner – Canada Music Organisation’s first line of support is the licensing of the music of their members, including the management of rights and royalties on the use of their original music. Everyone who partakes the membership of the organisation is entitled to this privilege, with a certain amount of fee for use of rights management and license protection as mandated in the licensing laws in Canada and the US. As a member, the organisation supports you in ensuring you are fairly and ethically paid for your own music.


CD Burner is a strong advocate of fair use of music and music materials not just for their members but for everyone who produces and licenses music in this industry. We don’t desire anyone to be stolen of their rights and privileges just because an entity plays another individual’s music without proper consent or use it in any form or play in any media without proper credits and compensations for use of the music material. The organisation lobbies for its members on the government on cases of property rights and management.

Artists and Repertoire

Associated with record labels, the Artist and Repertoire (A & R) support of CD Burner fosters more on the collaboration of the artists and the organisation in the production and licensing of their music to be promoted for sale in the music market.

Cd Burner Organisation Events and Awards

We aim to honor every member of our community, especially those who have excelled in their music production and album sales over the past years. Our annual recognition of these artists are held at major celebrations of the organisation, and every member, as well as everyone who endeavors to become part of the celebration, are encouraged to attend every CD Burner events and celebrations.