Studies have recently shown how vaping among minors has been closely associated with electronic cigarette product (from vape shop terrebonne) placements in certain music videos. While chewing tobacco and cigarette product placements in motion pictures, music videos, and television have been prohibited by the 1988 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, electronic cigarette products haven’t.

Several individuals and groups all over the globe have been researching the effects electronic cigarette product placements in music videos have on minors. Many are trying to find out if exposure to these particular music videos encourages minors to use electronic cigarette products.

A study conducted recently found that participants exposed to electronic cigarette product imagery or placements in music videos and TV shows were more likely to try out an electronic cigarette product than the others who didn’t have any exposure.

Music Videos Watched by Billions of People

From the early 80s to the late 90s, music videos started spreading all over the TV and were the majority of the content found on VH1 and MTV. As the major networks slowly stopped airing as many music videos as they once did and started switching to reality TV, music video content wasn’t as much of a cultural phenomenon anymore.

However, in 2010, when YouTube exploded in popularity, music videos started making a major comeback. Nowadays, music videos created by major superstars are watched by billions of people. The official music video accounts of pop stars such as Justin Beiber and the like are some of the most largely subscribed accounts on YouTube.

Studies have shown that minors often watch their favorite music videos repeatedly and tend to go a step further by sharing them with their family and friends. Platforms such as YouTube allow for consecutive viewing and video sharing in short timeframes.

The money companies spend on product placements in music videos equals roughly around 16 million to 19 million dollars a year, and these figures are steadily rising. Earlier research efforts found that identifiable brand appearance, or product placement, in music video content was incredibly effective in increasing brand awareness.

The Extensiveness of Vaping Product Placement

If you want to see how prevalent such product placements are, take a look at the official music videos on the Top 100 Billboard Chart. There’s a high chance you’ll come across at least five videos that have such product placements in them, with visible imagery and brand names. Some of these videos have been watched by minors over a billion times.

The most popular brands featured in music videos are usually Mig Vapor and KandyPens. The latter can even be seen in DJ Khaled’s “No Brainer” hit song, which has also featured on the Billboard Charts. Khaled himself used the product and blew a cloud of smoke toward the camera in that video.

Final Words

The number of minors vaping has become a public health concern. Most electronic cigarette products have nicotine within them, which we all know is an incredibly addictive component that can negatively affect brain development in minors. They shouldn’t be taking such products.

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