As a music organisation, we endeavor to discover talents and support them in all aspects of their own original music. To become a member of CD Burner – Canada Music Organisation, one must comply with the following requirements:

  • A musician, composer, lyricist, or songwriter
  • Have made their own original music or has collaborated in the production of a music composition that has been recorded, published through a music publisher, or has been or will be played or performed in any media platform (i.e. TV, radio, live performances, online streaming and broadcasting) that are subject for licensing by CD Burner.

All those who meet the following criteria may start applying online by filling the form below.

If you are a music publisher and wants to become a member of this dedicated music organisation, you should:

  • Have at least five musical works that are protected by copyright and may be originally written or co-written by anyone in the CD Burner music organisation or a Canadian citizen.
  • Be entitled to receive a share of the performance credits as a publisher, as stated in a music publishing contract, with at least five musical works that are all copyright-protected. These musical works should be written originally or co-written by a member of our organisation or a native Canadian citizen.

You can become a music publisher member of our organisation by sending us email at

If you are a business owner or a regular music end-user and want to obtain a license to play music made by one of our members, you can apply for a “License to Play” by sending us email at

If you are one of the fans of our member’s music, you can be updated of our future events and happenings by subscribing to our fan site.