We are looking for you if you are a music enthusiast or an art aficionado and have a knack for writing. We are looking for contributors in the fields of music, visual, and performing arts. Our website honors artists from different walks of life.

We would like to show the world the distinctive gifts Canadians possess in the field of arts. So, if you have an interesting story to tell, write for us!

What we are looking for:

Our readers need inspiration, and encouragement to pursue their passion for music and the arts. Your article should inform, entertain, and inspire and should not deviate from what this website is all about.

Send us your pitch and our editors will get in touch with you if they like it. Please don’t send previously published articles anywhere, including on your blog. Be original.

What we publish:

We publish guest articles that have passed the editor’s review. Your article must be 600-2500 words, averaging at 1,500 words, and must be accompanied by a picture.

How to submit you guest post:

Email us your document support@cdburner.