As the world of music and entertainment keeps on constantly evolving, artists are always on the lookout for innovative ways to make their music videos stand out. One unique method that’s gaining traction these days is the incorporation of vaping tricks. These visually stunning feats which are performed using vapor from disposable vapes or vaporizers, offer an edgy, modern appeal that can significantly enhance the aesthetic of your music video. If you want to take advantage of that, here’s a simple, straightforward guide on how you can integrate various vaping tricks into your next project to make it pop.

Understand Your Audience

Identifying your core audience is key in any creative endeavor, especially when integrating something as contemporary as vaping tricks. This means you need to analyze demographic data, which includes the age, cultural background, values, and interests of your viewers.

For instance, teens, more urban audience might find vaping tricks intriguing and fitting with current trends. However, older or more conservative viewers might find this content inappropriate or irrelevant.

Conduct surveys, hold focus groups, or analyze comments and reactions to similar content to gauge how well-received vaping visuals might be. This understanding will drive the creative direction, ensuring the content resonates and strengthens the connection with your audience.

Learn the Basics

Before incorporating vaping tricks into your video, you must understand what they entail. It’s not just about blowing vapor; it’s an art that requires practice and control. Also keep in mind that the tricks vary in complexity, from simple rings to intricate multi-part performances.

As such, you want to spend time watching tutorials, attending vaping events, or even taking basic classes if available. Understanding the techniques and difficulties of basic tricks like O’s, the Ghost Inhale, and the Jellyfish, or more complex ones like the Lasso or the Triangle, will allow you to come up with realistic storyboarding and filming.

Appreciating the skill involved will also foster your respect for the practice, so you can ensure it’s portrayed as a visual art form rather than a frivolous activity.

Storyboard Your Ideas

Storyboarding is crucial as it provides a visual representation of your video sequence.

When integrating vaping tricks, decide how they fit into the storyline. Are they symbolic, decorative, or do they serve as transitions?

For example, O’s might symbolize continuity or endlessness, aligning with your song’s theme. The Ghost Inhale could be used in a more mysterious or intense scene.

Place each trick carefully in the storyboard, considering factors like lighting, proximity to the camera, and interaction with the artist or surroundings. This detailed planning will help avoid disruptions during production and ensure the tricks enrich the video artistically.

Focus on Visual Effects

The allure of vaping tricks lies significantly in their visual execution. Work closely with your director of photography to plan shots that capture the intricacy and beauty of the vapor. Slow-motion can detail the trick’s complexity, while close-ups capture facial expressions and intricacies often missed in wide shots.

Also, don’t forget that proper lighting is crucial. side lighting, for instance, can highlight the vapor’s density and movements.

With this, experiment with colored lights for various effects: blues and purples can evoke a sense of mystery or tranquility, while reds and oranges might suggest intensity or passion. The background should contrast with the vapor, ensuring it stands out; darker tones generally work best for this.

Prioritize Safety

Incorporating vaping tricks requires a conscious commitment to safety. This involves using quality devices and liquids and ensuring a well-ventilated environment to prevent excessive inhalation of vapor by crew and performers.

If the artist is performing the tricks, they should be comfortable and experienced with vaping, or a stand-in should be used.

It’s vital to remember that while these tricks are visually appealing, they involve inhaling substances; thus, potential health impacts should be considered, and under no circumstances should underage vaping be encouraged or depicted.

Always convey vaping tricks as a responsible choice for informed adults.

Stay Mindful of Legalities

Legal compliance is non-negotiable. Research local laws regarding vaping, especially concerning public use, age restrictions, and advertising.

Some regions have strict rules about depicting tobacco or nicotine products in media which will potentially classify your music video as promotional material. You might need to obtain special permits to film vaping in public or private venues.

If your video is expected to air on television or shared on various digital platforms, ensure it meets all broadcasting standards. Consulting a legal professional to navigate these regulations can prevent costly violations and protect your project’s viability.

Edit to Enhance

Post-production is where the magic happens. Work with your editing team to emphasize the beauty of the vaping tricks. Effects can include color grading that makes the vapor pop or visual effects that amplify the trick’s impact.

Transitions should be smooth and should use the vapor’s natural movement to guide the viewer through scenes. However, avoid over-editing, as too many added effects can detract from the tricks’ natural allure.

The key is enhancing the existing footage to complement the music and narrative, creating a balanced and captivating visual experience.

Collaborate with Professionals

Professional vapers bring an elevated level of sophistication to your video. Their expertise allows for more complex tricks which potentially serve as a central spectacle in your video.

These professionals not only perform but can also provide valuable insights into safe practices and effective visual presentation. Their presence on set can enhance authenticity and efficiency, ensuring that vape-related shots are completed accurately and safely.

Additionally, collaborations like this can extend your video’s reach within vaping communities to further broaden your audience.

Promote Responsibly

Responsible promotion is ethical and, in many cases, required by law. Your video should not promote vaping to non-users or underage individuals. Include disclaimers where necessary, and be mindful of platform-specific regulations on content involving tobacco or vaping products.

If posting on social media, use age-restriction features to limit the audience. Your responsibility extends to interviews and other promotional events; always clarify that the vaping tricks are artistic choices, not lifestyle endorsements.

This approach ensures you respect your audience and comply with legal and social standards.

Monitor Feedback

Audience feedback is a goldmine of insights. After release, analyze comments, likes, shares, and reviews. Pay attention to what viewers are saying about the vaping tricks specifically.

Are they excited, indifferent, or concerned?

Direct feedback can be obtained through polls or Q&A sessions on social media. Negative responses might indicate a need for a different approach in future projects, while positive reactions could suggest a newfound niche for your artistic expression.

Constructive criticism is invaluable as it helps you refine your craft and build stronger bonds with your audience. Remember, the goal is continual growth and connection through your art.


Incorporating vaping tricks into your music video can add a unique visual element that sets your project apart. However, it’s crucial to approach this method thoughtfully and responsibly.

By understanding your audience, planning meticulously, prioritizing safety and legality, and choosing the right editing techniques, you can enhance your music video’s appeal without compromising your artistic integrity or your audience’s trust.

Remember, the goal is not to promote vaping, but to utilize its visual potential to create a memorable, engaging art piece.

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