Nowadays, vaping is considered less harmful than smoking normal cigarettes. It is also a perfect way for anyone struggling with smoking addictions or quitting issues.

But is vaping beneficial to musicians? Typically, vaping live resin vape cart at exhale well is a great alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. You can gain more information about this below.

Benefits of Vaporizers

The music industry is growing rapidly since music allows us to express our feelings, calm our minds and souls, and more. There are even albums and playlists that are meant to listen to while one is vaping.

Here are some advantages of how vaping can benefit musicians:

A good alternative

In case you are unable to quit smoking, you can opt for e-cigarettes since they are less risky, especially when your lungs and vocals are concerned. In a certain study, it was discovered that vaping is 95% less risky than smoking.

Simple to quit

Unlike traditional cigarettes, numerous people attest that vape gadgets are easier to quit. This is possible since you can occasionally decrease the intake of nicotine until you completely stop.

An ideal alternative

Musicians who are on tour can use vape products since they are less stinky and heavy. As a result, this allows musicians to still smell fresh while performing.


In the beginning, vaping can be costly but long-term application shows that it is cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Effects of Smoking on Musicians

The following are some of the ways that smoking traditional cigarettes causes harm:

Irritation of the vocal cords

Usually, smoking will dry out your vocal cords and irritate them. As a result, this may lead to acid reflux, which worsens the irritation.

When your vocal cords are dry, they will not vibrate appropriately or work normally.

Smoker’s cough

Imagine performing in a stadium full of millions of people and then starting to cough involuntarily. This can be embarrassing and worst case scenario, you may be causing harm to your lungs.

A smoker’s cough will usually happen when the cilia, hair-like components in the throat, are damaged by the tar in cigarettes. As a result, your body will try to mend the build-up by coughing as well as lower the capacity of your lungs.

Smoking prevents your lungs from functioning normally

The negative impact that smoking has on your lungs can ruin the performance of musicians. This is because smoking restricts airflow, lowers your stamina, and discourages you to hold a note for a longer period.

Smoking causes swollen vocal cords

Vocal cords are delicate structures, so continuous smoking will probably make them swell. When this happens, it will become difficult to sing or even talk.

Unfortunately, if you keep singing with a swollen vocal cord, it may end up bleeding, causing unbearable pain, and worse, the effects may be permanent.


The best thing to do is to quit smoking and vaping CBD is a good alternative. However, it is advised to take it slow with vaping gadgets since some of them could also lead to the same effects as traditional cigarettes, especially after long-term application.

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