Back then, accordind to Some experts smoking was seen as something that the cool kids do especially when a famous person was doing it. It gave off the rebellious and nonchalant attitude that appealed to people, eventually making it trend. Smoking has been linked to music life specifically, rock and roll/metal. Lately, musicians have switched to vaping when it trended and never went back to traditional cigarettes. Here’s why:

Reduce health risks and complications

People know that smoking makes one susceptible to health diseases. Research indicates that cardiovascular and respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, diabetes, cancer, and emphysema are associated with tobacco and nicotine addiction. Compared to smoking, vaping reduces the harm and health risk obtained from smoking. Also, vaping doesn’t harm a musician’s vocal cords unlike that of smoking.

Influence others to switch to vaping

As previously mentioned, many famous musicians smoke. That said, fans that idolize these musicians might start smoking to copy what their idols are doing. In turn, it made smoking a trend – an unhealthy one at that. This trend is especially damaging to the younger audience.

With musicians switching to vaping, not only did it help them be more conscious of their well-being but it also influenced their followers, specifically those that smoke, to switch to vaping whether by directly promoting it or by simply doing the act itself.

Take Dave Navarro, a member of the alternative rock band, Jane’s Addiction, and a former member of the Hot Chili Peppers, for instance. He could be considered as an advocate for vaping because he doesn’t shy away from telling social media the benefits of vaping. Some musicians say that vaping has saved their lives and openly express their love for vaping like the band Foo Fighters. Some of the well-known musical celebrities that switched to vaping are Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Johnny Depp, and Snoop Dogg.

Influence the music industry

Looking back, smoking was prevalent in the music scenario. Smoking became associated with the image of a musician. Musicians appeared in music videos holding cigarettes looking cool. Smoking and cigarettes were integrated into song lyrics and others perform in smoke-filled areas. The aspiring musicians, especially the new ones, replicated such acts. Consequently, it caused a public outrage especially from parents because it was seen as promoting the unhealthy practice of smoking.

With smoking banned in most places, however, it affected the music scene. Musicians produce music that reflects their society and in effect, influences people on how they see the modern world. With musicians switching to vaping, it eventually rose in popularity and the popularity of smoking declined.

In conclusion, vaping is a better choice than smoking for musicians because it reduces their exposure to health risks and complications. Additionally, musicians that vape influence the music industry as well as society by being health-conscious and discontinuing the use of traditional cigarettes. Not only does it present a healthy alternative to those that smoke but also aid them if they decide to stop smoking.

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