Best Tablets for Musicians

The latest Best Tablets for Musicians

Advanced technology has brought about the rapid change of instruments musicians use to make music. Tablets when starting college are the new gadgets that students as well as musicians use to create content such as audio files and keep sheets of music. There are a variety of tablets for learning that musicians use. Tablets for learning contain a recording studio. The most important feature about tablets is that they are easily portable; hence musicians can create content anywhere and anytime. The following are some of the top best tablets in the market used by musicians:
Samsung galaxy tab S6
This portable tablet has a display of 10.5 inch AMOLED. It also has four AKG loudspeakers. The display and the quad speakers make writing lyrics and listening to music a …

Mobile Games

Quick Guide to Creating Sound and Music for Mobile Games

Imagine playing Candy Crush or Clash.World on your smartphone without sounds. How enjoyable is it compared to playing it with sounds full-on, the music playing along with the yummy sounds of candies and gummies exploding in the game? It is beyond compare, right?
An essential part of any mobile gamer’s playing experience is the sound and music that accompanies the games. Music and sounds put the whole mobile gaming experience on full throttle, imbibing competitiveness, and characterization.
Mobile gaming has proven its allure to many young people because of the great visualization portrayed by the game characters, colorful pictures, and amazing storytelling. But, one cannot deny that sounds and music make the whole mobile gaming experience richer.
If you are developing a mobile …

Smoking for Musicians

Why Vaping Is the Better Choice Than Smoking for Musicians

Back then, accordind to Some experts smoking was seen as something that the cool kids do especially when a famous person was doing it. It gave off the rebellious and nonchalant attitude that appealed to people, eventually making it trend. Smoking has been linked to music life specifically, rock and roll/metal. Lately, musicians have switched to vaping when it trended and never went back to traditional cigarettes. Here’s why:
Reduce health risks and complications
People know that smoking makes one susceptible to health diseases. Research indicates that cardiovascular and respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, diabetes, cancer, and emphysema are associated with tobacco and nicotine addiction. Compared to smoking, vaping reduces the harm and health risk obtained from …

Sell Music Merch Online

How to Sell Music Merch Online

Do you want to market your merchandise effectively online? Making your music merch known is a critical factor if you’re going to generate high revenues from your career. There are various means like custom t shirts in which you can trade your merchandise. However, to avoid getting overwhelmed for the first time, you need to keep the following tips in mind:
Know Your Audience
Before you begin, you should first know your fans. What demographic do they belong to? If they are youngsters, small glasses will not be a suitable preference. Extra-large custom T-shirts can’t go well if your fan base is mostly female.
Instead, you can do a short survey by asking your fans in social media to help you select the best design from…

Artists and Repertoire

Known to the music industry as A & R, this is the collaborative approach that binds our members together in bringing music to everyone, thus the vision and mission of CD Burner as a music organisation. Whether the music is played at home or garden, everyone loves to listen. Some particularly like sitting on the luxury recliner and listening to music. Others enjoy it over a special meal that was made with high-class cookware. The most popular choice however if listening while cleaning the dishes over the kitchen faucet.
The creation of an A & R strategy to bring our members closer brings a higher value not only to their music but also to them as an artist. This is seen as an opportunity for them to expand their opportunities in this industry, connect up-and-coming musicians to music publishers and producers, and being a …

The Annual CD Burner Songwriting Event

Once again, we are holding the annual CD Burner Songwriting Competition. Enticing prizes are at stake for the winners of our songwriting contest, so it is best to join now and submit your original music composition.
This competition is open to all emerging Canadian songwriters, whether you are a member or not. A dedicated panel of judges will receive all entries for the best original music composition and will choose ten of the best from all submitted entries. Votes by the judges will be done individually and will be compiled once every member of the panel has voted. These top ten finalists from the English and French categories will advance to the next round where the public will vote for the best original music in each category.
The winners of every category will receive a cash prize worth $10,000…